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Tour description

Mountain Biking in Minya Konka SiChuan

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This mountain biking adventure takes you on a full circuit around Minya Konka, follow by a traverse ride from KangDing, across Yala snow mountain & out to DanBa

We are the first local operator to offer these fully-supported single tracks mountain biking tours at our very own backyard, in mountainous western SiChuan (or East Tibet Kham region).
SiChuan offers many opportunities for single tracks/trails mountain biking due to her natural mountainous terrain & trekking trails. Minya Konka, or Mount GongGa, stands at 7,556m and is the highest peak of the DaXueShan mountain ranges in Sichuan, commonly known as “King of SiChuan Mountains”.

You will bike down from 4600m mountain passes, on single tracks, gravels & dirt trails, traveling around Minya Konka. You will ride alongside the mountain & see Minya Konka up close from GongGa monastery, before exiting out from BaWang lake to CaoKe village on the southeast side.

Due to the nature of the terrain in Minya Konka, this program is designed to have some trekking component alongside with mountain biking.  The tough uphill sections, which tend to be too technical or physcially too strenuous to ride, we have carefully designed it to have horses to assist you & carry the bikes up.

Other cycling routes in SiChuan: LiTang, XinLong to BaiYu (in progress) PiCha valley, via YaQing (Yarchen) monastery) near GanZi, and also single tracks in Mount Genyen

> more pictures of  Trek & Bike Tour in Minya Konka on our facebook page

next scheduled trips:  15-21Jun2014 (status: Available)


You will do singletracks / cross-country mountain biking around the highest peak of SiChuan, Minya Konka & Yala Snow Mountain.

The 2nd part of the program brings you to the nearby Yala snow mountain, about 30min drive from KangDing.  You will do a traverse ride from ZhongGu Tibetan village and out to DanBa over the next 2 days.

Yala Snow Mountain area in autumn (Oct).



Detailed itinerary

day01 – Arrive ChengDu Be greeted at the airport by our ground staff and transfer to your hotel in the city centre. Free & easy in the evening.


day02 – ChengDu / XinDuQiao After early breakfast, we will drive out of ChengDu city towards XinDuQiao, approximately 400km west of ChengDu. It is a long drive, about 8-9hrs (depending on road conditions).(option: domestic flight from ChengDu to KangDing). The  journey allows you see the countryside of SiChuan, as you pass by smaller towns such LuDing & KangDing.  XinDuQiao is located at 3550m, so it is a good point to begin your acclimatization process. In the evening, gather for a briefing by our trip leader over dinner.

day03 – XinDuQiao / TaGong We drive further up to TaGong (altitude 3780m) to continue your acclimatization. TaGong is a very small town, and visitors to this place usually go for TaGong monastery & the grasslands. There will be a group hike up the hill behind the monastery. This place offers a good view of the town. It is also ideal for your acclimatization, as you hike up to about 4100m, and descend back to 3780m for the night.


day04 – TaGong / KangDing After spending 2 nights at around 3600-3800m, we shall descend down to KangDing (2600m) to recover. It is also good time to prepare your bikes for the ride. Gather in the evening during dinner for a final preparation & safety briefing by our trip leader.

day05 – KangDing / LaoYuLin / campsite1  (trekking) From KangDing, it is just a 30-minute drive to LaoYuLin village. After checking our horses, we are all ready to set off into the mountains. Due to the nature of the terrain, mostly rocks and narrow twisted trails, so for today, we will start trekking up the mountains to our 1st campsite. It is located on an open pasture at about 3900m. You should have no problem at this altitude because we have already prepared you at XinDuQiao & TaGong. In the evening, do a final check on your bike as we prepare to start biking up the mountains the next day.


day06 – campsite1 / PanPanShan (4600m) or RiWuQie highpass / YuLongXi (trekking + biking) Most part of the trails are still pretty rocky and narrow. So depending on each cyclist’s ability, you will try to bike up as much as possible. We will assist you by providing horse-support all the way up to PanPanShan high-pass at 4600m.

Once we are at the high-pass, it will be a downhill to the other valley and getting onto the dirt track for a very nice off-road cycling to our destination at YuLongXi village at 3900m. Today, we will stay with a local Tibetan family.(est. 50km): from campsite1 to high-pass about 3-4hr.

day07 – YuLongXi / ZiMei highpass (view of Minya Konka) / GongGa monastery (biking) From YuLongXi, we continue cycling for about 10km on the dirt track further down the valley. We will cross the bridge and make a left turn to start climbing up ZiMei high-pass (4530m). From the high-pass, you will be rewarded with an awesome view of Minya Konka on a clear day. We will have packed lunch near the high-pass. After a quick lunch, we will ride along the ridgeline towards LongQingMa pass. From here, you will descend down to MoXi valley. It is a slight uphill from the stream back to the ridgeline before we get to GongGa monastery (3750m). The monastery offers a close-up of Minya Konka and you will sleep inside the monastery in dormitory rooms. (est. 40km)

day08 – GongGa monastery / BaWang lake / CaoKe hot-springs (biking) After breakfast, get on the saddle as we continue to bike out and down the valley, following the stream towards BaWang lake. The single track trail is generally undulating, with 2-3 sections of steep but very short uphill. Have quick packed lunch by the lakeside. Continue the descend on the single trackn until we come to the end of the single track trail at the dam (2950m). From here, continue the descent on the bumpy gravel path for about 20km to CaoKe village (1500m). After a long day, be rewarded with a nice hot-spring resort in CaoKe.

day09 – CaoKe / ZhongGu (drive) After breakfast in CaoKe, we will load up our bikes and drive to ZhongGu village, about 5hours (150km) away. We will have lunch at LuDing or KangDing, and also to re-stock our supplies for the Yala mountain stage. Upon arrival to ZhongGu, unload your bikes for another inspection. The evening is free and you can go for another hot-spring bath in ZhongGu village.


day10 – ZhongGu / campsite2.  (biking) We start cycling out from ZhongGu village on tarmac, towards the trail head of the Yala snow mountain trail. Turn-off into the single track trail after about 4km. The trail rises gently up to our campsite2, located at about 3700m. Generally, the terrain in Yala is much easier compared to Minya Konka. The gradient is also more gentle and the trail wider and less rocky.

day11 – campsite2 / Yala mountain Sisters lakes / DanBa (biking + drive) The single track continues uphill towards the high-pass. Towards the last 2km, the trail becomes more rocky and steep (this section might require some pushing & carrying) after reaching the top, the trail tapers off. The actual high-pass is another few km away at 4200m.   You will pass 2 lakes , Sisters lakes on your left as you continue biking down the high-pass. Some sections of the descent is rather steep & sandy, and you are advised to go slow & exercise extra caution for this stage. Our vehicles will pick you up at the end of the trail (Yala snow mountain scenic signage) for the 70km drive to DanBa.


day12 – DanBa / ChengDu A long drive back to ChengDu. (420km)


day13 – Depart ChengDu


Contact Us for details of the mountain biking itineraries & pricing.  We also do customisation for private groups (min. 4pax)


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