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Tour description

Cycle Gems of Southwest China

» SiChuan ChengDu to GuiLin YangShuo

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This customised tour is created especially for travelers who wish to see the best highlights of southwest China.

Instead of the usual sight-seeing tours with unpleasant shopping components, SHANGRILA ADVENTURE operates this unique customised program in the way we do it best, cycling-based holidays!

From the giant pandas of SiChuan to the limestone karsts of YangShuo, you embarks on the best-kept secrets of rural cycling that southwest China has to offer.  This bike tour starts from the famous city of ChengDu, home of the giant Pandas.& the main gateway into west China.

From ChengDu, you will travel on an overnight train to GuiYang, where you will start cycling towards the scenic ethnic    Miao village of XiJiang. The bike tour brings you to several ethnic minorities such Miao, Zhuang, Dong & Yao people.

En-route, you ride on lesser traffic back-country roads, alongside rivers & streams lined with bamboo, meandering pass countless magnificent terraced rice fields along the way.  All our accommodation are carefully chosen to be in clean & comfortable local guesthouses whenever possible.  You stay within XiJiang Miao village, rustic ZhaoXing Dong village & ChengYang Bridge ancient town.  There are plenty of opportunities to explore this off-the-beaten-track journey to appreciate their culture, colourful traditional costumes & unique architecture.

Definitely one of the best cycling tours in China!


Key Highlights: ChengDu Panda centre, SiChuan face-changing opera LiuJiang/GaoMiao rustic villages, XiJiang Miao village; LeiGong Mountain, GuiZhou rice-terraces, ZhaoXing Dong village, ChengYang Wind & Rain Bridge, LongSheng rice-terraces, limestone karsts of GuiLin YangShuo.


At a Glance:

No. of Days: 12-13

Season: Apr- Oct

Difficulty: *** (moderate-strenuous) – fully-supported

Start city: ChengDu city, SiChuan province

End city:  GuiLin, GuangXi province  (option:  extension to ShangHai or HK)

Altitude variations: 170-1500m

Terrain: 85% tarmac, with some sections at 8-9 degree inclination

Average cycling distance: 60km/day  (as planned)

Day #

Itinerary Overview

Altitude  of towns

Distance     (planned)


Arrive ChengDu




ChengDu tour / night train to GuiYang




GuiYang / XiJiang Miao village


Cycle 40km


XiJiang / YongLe village


Cycle 80km


YongLe / CongJiang


Cycle 75km


CongJiang / ZhaoXing Dong village


Cycle 50km


ZhaoXing / SanJiang ChengYangQiao


Cycle 50km


ChengQiaoYang / LongSheng  / Ping An village


Cycle 55km


LongSheng / GuiLin YangShuo


 Cycle 70km


YangShuo / XingPing 


Cycle 50km


XingPing / YangDi / BaiSha / YuLong river / YangShuo


Cycle 70km


YangShuo / Depart GuiLin





Total Cycle Dist.(planned 9days – ave 60km/day)



Detailed itinerary

Day 01: Arrive ChengDu
Meet & be greeted in your main group by Shangrila Adventure’s ground staffs at ChengDu ShuangLiu International Airport.  Do look out for our company signage/logo.  After dinner, watch the famous SiChuan “face-changing” opera
Note:  for individual arrival, please make your own way to the designated hotel.  It is your responsibility to get the necessary information prior to arrival.

Day 02: ChengDu
City-tour to Panda centre.  Drive about 2-3hrs to visit the rustic LiuJiang & GaoMiao old towns.  In the evening, transfer to the train station for your overnight train to GuiYang.

Day 03: GuiYang / KaiLi town (drive 2hrs) / XiJiang Miao
After a nice breakfast in GuiYang, we will set off from GuiYang towards the KaiLi.  The almost 200km journey takes slight more than 2hrs by bus.
Upon reaching KaiLi, we will unload the bikes from our support vehicles and we can start to prepare the bikes for your ride in the afternoon.
After lunch in KaiLi, we will start cycling towards the Miao ethnic village of XiJiang.  This part of the ride is generally flat on tarmac (90%) for most part of it, until the last 8km, where the road starts to turn steep uphill.  We will dismount at the entrance gate to XiJiang and be transferred to the designated local buses to enter the village.
(planned cycling distance 40km)

Day 04: XiJiang Miao village / LeiShan mountain / YongLe
In the morning, we will first drive 10km out from XiJiang to the starting point for cycling.
From XiJiang, you ride through about 38km along awesome scenery of terraced fields all the way to lunch point at LeiShan town.
Today is the toughest day of this trip, as you need to ride up LeiShan mountain pass at about 1500m.
After lunch it is the toughest part of the whole trip, as you get ready to tackle about 37km of uphill climb up LeiShan.
The journey from the top of the high-pass to is another 24km to the destination at YongLe village, with some sections of off-road/gravel path.  The part of the ride is again very scenic, with lots of terraced rice fields along the way.
(planned cycling distance 80km)

Day 05: YongLe / PingYong / RongJiang / CongJiang
We drive 90km to BaJi village to start our cycling for today.
From BaJi, we will cycle 26km alongside DuLiuJiang river, lined with bamboo to our lunch point at XiaJiang. As choices are very limited, please be prepared a very simple lunch.
After lunch, it is another 42km to CongJiang, undulating with gentle uphill at some sections.   We will support you on the 7km uphill to BaSha Miao village.  After visiting this small village, you can cruise the same way back to our destination for the day, CongJiang.
(planned cycling distance: 75km)

Day 06: CongJiang / GuanDong / ZhaoXing
Today is a relative easy day after the past 2 days of cycling.
After breakfast, we first drive 20km to the starting point located on a back country small road off the main highway.  From here, cycle 22km to GuanDong for lunch.
After lunch, we continue 14km cycling towards ZhaoXing, en-route passing “Wind & Rain” bridge that is iconic of the Dong ethnic minority.  The last 10km could have some off-road conditions.
(planned cycling distance 50km)

Day 07: ZhaoXing / TangAn / SanJiang ChengYangQiao
We first drive 30km out from ZhaoXing to the starting point for cycling.
You start cycling on this beautiful stretch for about 10km on off-road/compact gravel generally flat, towards DuDong.
From DuDong, be prepared for a 3-4km of steep uphill ride, after which the slope will ease off for 13km undulating.  This is a scenic journey filled with tea-plantations.  After arriving at a junction, make a right-turn for the 10km downhill to TongLe for lunch.
After lunch, load up the support vehicle and drive 73km to SanJiang.
Upon reaching SanJiang, we will cycle the final 23km to ChengYang bridge old town to end our cycling journey.
(planned cycling distance 50km)

Day08: ChengQiaoYang / LongSheng rice terraces / Ping An village

Free & easy in the morning to watch a local cultural performance or roam the village lanes.  After lunch, we load up our vehicle to drive about 65km towards LongSheng rice-terraces.

Start cycling after we turn off from the main highway junction into the quieter road.

Cycle about 55km to the entrance of the LongSheng scenic area.  The terrain is general flat with some short undulating slopes. 

The final 15km is a steep uphill climb up to the entrance of the park.   We will stop cycling here & take a short walk to your guesthouse in Ping An village to watch a beautiful sunset over LongSheng rice terraces.

(planned cycling distance 55km)

Day09: LongSheng / GuiLin YangShuo

After breakfast, we walk back to collect our bikes from the park entrance and start cycling the same way downhill to our lunch point near the highway.  It is an relatively leisure 45km ride on nice quiet  tarmac  road with bamboo trees lined alongside.

We will have simple lunch before continuing another 25km to main highway junction, where our vehicles would be waiting for us to drive to YangShuo.

(planned cycling distance 70km)


Day10: YangShuo / XingPing

We will start cycling right from your hotel in YangShuo towards XingPing.  Following the valley and with stunning views of the limestone karsts along the way, you cycle through rice-fields, bamboo forests following the meandering Li  River.

You will take a ferry to cross the Li River before staying in a local guesthouse in XingPing.

(planned cycling distance 50km)

Day11: XingPing / YangDi / BaiSha / YuLong river / YangShuo

Today is the last day of cycling!

After breakfast  at XingPing, we start making our way back to YangShuo via another alternate route.  We will board the boat to cross the Li River towards YangDi.  The section is probably one of the most beautiful area in the Li River scenic area.  We cycle along quiet rural countryside roads, passing by local markets in BaiSha village, following the scenic YuLong River back to YangShuo.

Some sections of dirt tracks/off-roads today, but nothing too technical and most cyclists will be able to complete it.

(planned cycling distance 70km)

Day 12: YangShuo / Depart GuiLin
Send-off to the airport for your departure.
(option: extension in GuiLin/YangShuo)

* note: the above are as plan, changes on the ground according to situations & cyclists fitness & proficiency levels









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