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Tour description

Taiwan Round Island Cycling

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Journey Around the Island of Taiwan in 9Days!

Requested by popular demand over the years, we have decided to do this as a CELEBRATION trip when we Emerge Out from COVID-19!!
Cyclists whom have been with us to many destinations such as Hokkaido, Okinawa, Tibet & Malaysia have expressed their keen interest to join SCT for a Taiwan RI.

We probably do no need to elaborate more on Taiwan Round-island, as there are just too many information out there. 

There are several variants of doing it.  After much spending alot of comparing the information, we have decided to reference closely to the route as suggested by 台湾交通部观光局,Taiwan Tourism Bureau MOTC.

* If you do not have 11days to spare, another option is to ride the best part of it in our 6D Best of East Taiwan Hualien-Taitung Scenic Loop

Reference map from Taiwan Tourism Bureau:


3 KEY DIFFERENCES of SCT Taiwan Round Island Cycling

This is the MOST Important element of our Taiwan DIY-RI.
First of all, we will issue every cyclist the daily GPX files of the route.
* What this means to you is that you are able to cycle confidently On Your Own, OR Collectively Together with cyclists of the same pace.  You do not need to rush nor be restricted by how you want to spend your time everyday.

* We value PERSONAL time in cycling, hence by doing our DIY RI, you can be informed of the daily route to take, where you can stop for meals/breaks, which hotels you will end up for the night, AND YET able to cycle like a personal adventure! 
(There will be a SCT cycle-leader/guide for >10pax).

* SCT DIY Taiwan Round-Island will give you that "SENSE of ADVENTURE" as if you are on your own.  It still come with our Support Sweeper Vehicle (SSV) to carry your luggage & to provide assistance in the event of mechanical issue or when you decide to take it easy for that day.

Apart from referencing the main Taiwan Round Island Cycle Route 1, we added some extra kilometres daily to do more sight-seeing.  You will be rewarded with SURPRISES every now & then!

After all, we do not want to complete this journey, simply cycling from hotel to hotel.

* From our extensive research + own local knowledge over the years,  combined with valuable inputs from our local SSV drivers/friends whom have been with us for years, you can be assured of the BEST way to make this journey.
* We include a well-balanced accommodation types so that you can gain a wonderful experience from the journey. 
* Sight-seeing & local food/snacks stops are planned in our inclusions.

Unlike joining other bigger players or in a mega event, we will operate our RI from minimum 4pax to go!
You can also gather your own friends you are comfortable with to cycle together in sub-groups of 6pax each, OR simply go out on your own following our GPX route.


Taiwan Round-Island Cycling Cost:
Note: Our cost is for services including airport-hotel transfers + 2 extra nights of accom in Taipei (unlike others who meet and end at the start point Songshan Station)

SGD1790 (twin-share, min 04pax to go)
Single sup $490
a) 10 nights accommodation (including arrival & post departure)
b) Airport pickup & transfers to hotel (main group)
c) 10 breakfasts
d) 1x SSV support vehicle + daily luggage transfer (seats available for everyone!
e) Mechanic support 
f) GPX file of our RI route
g) Detailed Pre-Departure Briefing & trip preparation
h) 1x cycle leader/guide (* if more than 10pax)

i) 1x Taiwan RI-themed jersey

>>>>> HOW TO SIGN UP TRIP <<<<<

1) After indicate Going, Kindly follow up & Complete the online trip booking form

2) We will contact you via email/Whatsapp for invoice and deposit payment

Detailed itinerary

SCT DIY Taiwan Round Island Cycing Overview:

(Details & GPX files of our cycle route will be sent via pm on event Whatsapp)

Total RI Loop est.  970km 

> Cycle 870km (+ Trfr 90km)
> We replace the treacherous 苏花 section by our SSV transfer due to very dangerous/heavy traffic.  After all, we don't believe in risking your lives for that!


Itinerary Overview (Counter-Clockwise) :

Day01 Arrive to Taipei

Pickup from airport & transfer to hotel. Bike assembly/final prep. Welcome group dinner + briefing

Day02 Flag-off in Taipei Songshan Station 台北松山 / Hsinchu 新竹 (91km)

We will flag-off your Taiwan Round-island the classic way from Songshan station.  Traffic will be heavy as we navigate our way out of the city, using a combination of river bike paths before we follow main provincial highway 3 towards Hsinchu.

Difficulty-level : 3 out of 5

Main sights: Sanxia old street (三峡老街) , Daxi old street (大溪老街), Shimen reservoir (石门水库水坝), Hisinchu City God Temple (新竹都城隍庙)


Day03 Hsinchu 新竹 / Taichung 台中 (107km)

Difficulty-level : 3 out of 5

If you are lucky, you may have some tailwind to help you as you ride along the west coast expressway.  Route is generally flat, except for 1 main climb above 200m, near the end over Dadu mountain as we roll down into Taichung. 

Main sights: Houlong Cape of Good Hope (后龙好望角), Tongxiao salt factory (通宵盐来馆), Dajia Zhenlan temple (大甲镇澜馆), Calligraphy greenway (台中草悟道)


Day04 Taichung 台中 / Changhua 彰化 / Chiayi 嘉义 (97km)

Difficulty-level : 2 out of 5

Today is an easy day as the route is very flat with lots of sight-seeing along the way.

Main sights: Rainbow village (彩虹暮村, Eight Trigram Mountains Buddha Landscape (八卦山大佛), Tianwei highway garden (田尾公路花园), Xiluo bridge (西螺大桥),Alishan Forest Railway Garage (阿里山森林铁路车库)


Day05 Chiayi 嘉义 / Kaohsiung 高雄 (117km)

Difficulty-level : 2 out of 5

Though the distance is 117km, the route is relatively flat as you roll into Kaohsiung, the biggest city in southern Taiwan.

Main sights: Tropic of Cancer marker (北回归线), Confucius temple (台南孔庙), Rainbow bridge, Heart of Love river


Day06 Kaohsiung 高雄 / Checheng 车城 (89km)

Difficulty-level : 2 out of 5

A few undulating slopes near the end as we approach Checheng wth nice view of the ocean.  Distance is short today as we want you to rest early and prepare for the climb up to Shouka the next day.

Main sights: Kaohsiung airport, Donglong temple (东隆宫), Dapeng Bay scenic area (大鹏湾风景区), 


Day07 Checheng 车城 / Shouka 寿卡 / Taitung 台东 (114km)

Difficulty-level : 4 out of 5

Today is one of the tough day of the round-island journey, as you climb your way up to Shouka 470m, crossing from Pingtung in the west to arrive Taitung in eastern coast.  After reaching the top, you are rewarded with a nice long descent to Daren.  You may experience crosswind / headwind as you ride along the coastal route 9.

Main sights: Shouka bike service stop (寿卡铁马驿站), Dawu rainbow street (大武彩虹村), Duoliang railway station(多良观光车站), Tiehua Railway music & art street (铁花村)


Day08 Taitung 台东 / Chishang 池上 / Ruisui 瑞穗 (113km)

Difficulty-level : 3 out of 5

The East Rift valley is a scenic route where you see beautiful rice fields and trains passing by every now and then. We will detour to ride up Luye Highlands where you may see colourful hot-air ballons or hang gliders if you are lucky.

Main sights: Longtian green corridor (龙田绿色通道),Luye highlands (鹿野高台), Guanshan bike path (关山自行车道), Chishang Brown avenue (池上伯朗大道)


Day09 Ruisui 瑞穗 / Hualien 花莲 (66km)

Main sights: Tropic of Cancer marker (北回归线地标),Hualien Sugar factory (花莲观光糖厂)


Day10 Hualien 花莲  / land transfer to Suao 苏澳 / Yilan 宜兰 / Taipei 台北 (100km)

Difficulty-level : 4 out of 5

This is the other tough day before you end your round-island journey.  There are 2 main climbs above 500m that you need to tackle before arriving back to Taipei.  One of the climb is 九曲十八弯  “nine turns and eighteen curves.”   Though challenging, the view of the mountains and the sea from the top is a great motivator.  We are sure you can do it as it is the finale!

Congratulations & Well Done !! You have completed this epic journey around Taiwan !

We will apply for the official  completion certification from the Taiwan Cyclist Federation on your behalf.

Main sights: Hualien Qixingtan scenic park (七星潭), Taroko Gorge bridge (太鲁阁大桥)Dongshan river forest park, Pinglin tea garden, Bitan scenic spot, Taipei 101 (台北101)


Day11 Departure (*OR own extension)

Send-off to the airport for the main group. Pls arrange with us separately for those extending your trip.



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